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CIO-as-a-Service & Enterprise Architect

Few SMEs and family businesses have a strong internal CIO (chief information officer) or CTO (chief technology officer) on board, who is able to provide a vision and challenge the manager.

An external CIO, who is able to take a look a few days per month, can watch over your IT architecture and help you make the right strategic decisions, which is an important step in the growth of the company.

  • You are faced with an important change: ERP, CRM, DMS, web shop, customer portal, mobile app, BI, online billing, server park renewal, telephone exchange, cloud... and you are looking for an independent and objective adviser, who can guide you to making the right technological choices and help you find implementation partner(s), tailored to your organization and budget.
  • The cooperation with your IT supplier(s) is not going smoothly. You received an advice/quote that you would like to have screened by an independent expert; someone with sufficient knowledge and authority to challenge and focus your supplier(s).
  • You have several technology/IT projects running simultaneously. You are losing sight of things; projects are exceeding their budget and are not achieving their desired results. You are looking for someone who is able to see things in a broad context and who can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together in a coherent architecture and roadmap.​

"An enterprise architect dares to make choices and looks at the broad impact that innovation can have on a company." - technology stack

Digital transformation is about flexibility in a changing world. It is about being able to quickly respond to new market situations and opportunities as a company. Besides a flexible team, you also need a flexible IT architecture.

Many companies still work with fairly traditional (read: outdated) IT systems and IT partners, which slows down the speed and flexibility of the business.

My experience tells me that SMEs invest in IT projects without seeing the 'big picture' far too often: a piece of the puzzle is tackled each time without a strategic plan. Decisions are made based on proposals from the current IT supplier.

As an SME you cannot afford to spend large sums to re-invent your IT over and over again. Large sums of money on customization are out of the question.

My specialty is to help you build a 24-month action plan in which you will not only take a huge step forward digitally, but also evolve into a future proof & nimble IT architecture with which your company is ready to quickly respond to any future opportunities.

Just as an interior architect can help you make your home a cohesive and harmonious whole, I can help you make strategic IT decisions, and to build with puzzle pieces that form a flexible and coherent whole.

Discover the power of digital ecosystems

The power of software and technology today is no longer their individual function.​
It lies in its interconnectivity: an ecosystem through which your company can move forward.

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