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Digital Signage has nothing to do with digitally signing documents. It is about large screens that you can find in shops, in the entrance of a museum / cinema, where you can choose your menu at Mc Donalds, at a sports competition or at the reception of a company. Also think of the screens that guide you through the many corridors of a large building.

Digital Signage helps you improve your customer experience in retail / public meeting rooms. It's also a good way to help employees make better use of a modern office. And it's a great way to educate factory workers about safety and business messages.

The Digital Signage software market is oversaturated. In the past, there were often powerful (and closed) systems, but you had to have a technician in house to adjust the content again and again. Today you don't have to be technically skilled at all to be able to do this. you can also very easily use external sources to feed the message on your screens.

Many local installation companies offer self-developed tools.

I personally prefer widely used cloud solutions with a strong ecosystem of apps and content that can be used on almost any media player. In this category:

  • Signagelive
  • Enplug
  • AppSpace
  • Gauddi
  • Zebrix

If you are looking for a large installation as an Enterprise, check out the market leaders Scala, Appspace and Spinetix.

Every digital signage project is characterized by the fact that screens are "always-on". This presents the great challenge of keeping the screens relevant and attractive. It is here that automated content platforms can be deployed. In this category:

  • Seenspire
  • Geckoboard

Do you want to make a difference with digital, but you no longer see the forest through the trees? I'm happy to help!

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