Cédric Moyson

Cédric Moyson

Digital Project Manager

My story

  • Ik ben 31 jaar en woon in Overijse samen met mijn vrouw
  • Background in accountancy-tax with a passion for technology
  • Started my professional career at Deloitte where I assisted clients with their Pan European tax compliance and related queries
  • Thanks to an internal opportunity within Deloitte, I made the jump to the "IT world"
  • Together with my Deloitte colleagues, we have built the foundations of the Deloitte Indirect Tax Compliance tool, also see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lT4Y0r4dkiY
  • With my increasing interest for technologies and my vision to "bridge the gap between business and IT", I became an independent consultant
  • I have assisted Colruyt to build and roll-out their new Finance landscape. We built bridges between the source applications and the ERP. This while providing the necessary support and guidance towards the end-users.
  • Wanting to strengthen my general IT skills and knowledge, I started working for Kenze where they develop custom software in .NET
  • Later I came across ODUM.digital (and Olivier) and joined the Digital Masterclass. Very keen on learning how to built an IT ecosystem by applying the ODUM.digital methodology.
  • Today I assist ODUM.digital clients as a Digital Project Manager - this implies that I facilitate their digital transformation journey by being the bridge between the different parties whilst trying to anticipate for potential roadblocks. Aiming to perfectly orchestrate the digital transformation for a harmonious go-live.
  • Next to the above, I strongly value the people aspect of the job. People should always be put first and digital tools should only be there to help us and make our life easier.
  • Being on top of my game is also important. In my free time I take the sky and enjoy the freedom of flight. In aviation safety always comes first. I try to reflect my experience as a pilot on my job. Implying that I prefer to start well prepared. I always look forward and want to know what is next. I ensure everything is checked (love checklists) and no assumptions are made (use facts). Know your destination and make sure to foresee contingency and an alternative destination in case needed.
  • As we say: "Take off is optional, landing is mandatory".


“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”

Olivier Mangelschots:

Cédric is very open, and his enthusiasm and energy are contagious. He is humble, has strong communication skills, works hard, and sets high standards. He integrates seamlessly into the client's team, and when he says "we", he does so with genuine conviction.

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