Cédric Moyson

Cédric Moyson

Digital Project Manager

My story

  • 30 years old and living in Overijse with my lovely wife
  • Background in accountancy-tax with a passion for technology
  • Started my professional career at Deloitte where I assisted clients with their Pan European tax compliance and related queries
  • Thanks to an internal opportunity within Deloitte, I made the jump to the "IT world"
  • Together with my Deloitte colleagues, we have built the foundations of the Deloitte Indirect Tax Compliance tool, also see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lT4Y0r4dkiY
  • With my increasing interest for technologies and my vision to "bridge the gap between business and IT", I became an independent consultant
  • I have assisted Colruyt to build and roll-out their new Finance landscape. We built bridges between the source applications and the ERP. This while providing the necessary support and guidance towards the end-users.
  • Wanting to strengthen my general IT skills and knowledge, I started working for Kenze where they develop custom software in .NET
  • Later I came across ODUM.digital (and Olivier) and joined the Digital Masterclass. Very keen on learning how to built an IT ecosystem by applying the ODUM.digital methodology.
  • Today I assist ODUM.digital clients as a Digital Project Manager - this implies that I facilitate their digital transformation journey by being the bridge between the different parties whilst trying to anticipate for potential roadblocks. Aiming to perfectly orchestrate the digital transformation for a harmonious go-live.
  • Next to the above, I strongly value the people aspect of the job. People should always be put first and digital tools should only be there to help us and make our life easier.
  • Being on top of my game is also important. In my free time I take the sky and enjoy the freedom of flight. In aviation safety always comes first. I try to reflect my experience as a pilot on my job. Implying that I prefer to start well prepared. I always look forward and want to know what is next. I ensure everything is checked (love checklists) and no assumptions are made (use facts). Know your destination and make sure to foresee contingency and an alternative destination in case needed.
  • As we say: "Take off is optional, landing is mandatory".

Olivier: Cédric is very open, he exudes enthusiasm and energy, is humble, communicative, hardworking and sets the bar high.

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”

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