DNA of a digital challenger

DNA van een digitale challenger

Herken je jezelf?


Are you obsessed with digital, technology, and consultancy?
Are you self-employed; are you still available a few days a week?
We regularly have great opportunities at ODUM.digital.

You guide Belgian SMEs and non-profits of 25-500 employees in #digitaltransformation processes of 24-36 months.

You work for several customers at the same time, and you bring structure:
✓ strategic priorities
✓ digital roadmap
✓ software stack (ERP, CRM, Customer Service, Marketing…)
✓ internal roles & responsibilities
✓ implementation partners

You aren’t on your own: you can count on a sounding board of pragmatic experts.We love knowledge sharing and market studies.

At ODUM.digital we are 100% vendor-independent and never sell software ourselves nor offer implementation services.

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DNA of a digital challenger:

  1. You are greedy for knowledge and insights, you absorb extremely fast (addiction), and you actively search for novelties and new insights.
  2. You are energized by helping others grow, making a difference. You like to share insights and knowledge.
  3. You like to analyze and compare, you bring structure to chaos, you see the bigger picture (bird’s-eye view). You set priorities, indicate the direction, help others see the wood for the trees.
  4. You are good at switching context: multiple projects and clients at the same time. You can estimate how much time you can and want to invest in your work, how much time a customer/project will need in the following weeks.
  5. Discovering patterns fuels you with adrenalin. You can think ahead and predict things. You see things that others don't see yet.
  6. You are someone who completely questions the status quo, and you are not afraid to bring things up and make them discussable. Even if this is not normally done in the company. You dare to enter into confrontation and conversation, against the opinions of others and, if needed, push through.
  7. You like challenges, are energized by solving complex problems, aligning people.
  8. You look for environments that not many people know about, where it’s difficult. You sift through everything and involve colleagues and customers. The deeper you have to go, the more you have to struggle, the more it satisfies you. Giving up is not a word you know, the goal is the ultimate reward.
  9. You are pragmatic: you can explain complex matters and get to the essence, apply theoretical and complex models in an understandable and tangible way for people who are unfamiliar with the material.
  10. You push ahead, you promote innovation and you are an example for others. You can inspire and motivate others to be open to change. You can take away the fear of the new and focus on the profits that can be made.
  11. You embrace the concept of extreme ownership: you don't hide behind others when you encounter problems, you look for a solution and take matters into your own hands. No umbrellas are opened. When executing a plan, you ensure that all possible facets are taken into account to carry out the project.
  12. You can put yourself in the world of others. You look at situations from different angles: customer, shareholder, consumer, manager, IT professional, supplier. How can we help those people perform the best? What drives them and what do they need?
  13. You are much more than just digital. You are a transformer on several levels. You combine IT and business: you are a hybrid between these 2 and you ensure synergies and translation. You think in terms of business models, processes, and IT ecosystems.
  14. You focus on a strategic and tactical level and like to coach others to take on the operational aspects.
  15. You understand how IT systems work on the inside: SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, API, XML, CSV, data models, triggers, workflows, cookies, scripting, domain names, web, TCP/IP, cybersecurity ...
  16. At the same time, you also have a coaching attitude and are empathic. You ask the right questions, you can genuinely listen, you have patience, even if the customer isn’t going as fast as you would like them to go.
  17. Your ego isn’t too big. You realize that you can’t do everything yourself and proactively look for a sounding board in your network. If needed, you ask for support, help, and coaching at the right time.
  18. You can motivate people to embrace change. You can sense people: what drives them, what are their fears, who can I push forward and give responsibility to pull the others ahead? Questions: What do you need to succeed in your mission, and what could prevent you from being successful? The entire psychological/human mapping aspect.
  19. You can translate something complex into a story that everyone understands (storytelling, metaphors), present it visually. Let people dream, if we start this process, then…

Recognize yourself? Are these the elements that drive you, fuel you?

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We regularly have great opportunities at ODUM.digital.

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