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Make your organization futureproof
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Your company is growing, but your IT cannot keep up. Instead of being an accelerator, IT is becoming a brake on your ambitions. You want to turn this around, accelerate your organization digitally. Taking a big step, not only in terms of technology. You want to become digitally self-reliant and build a strong internal digital team/leadership.

Why an external CIO? guides companies of 50-500 employees during an accelerated digital transformation that takes 24-36 months. We take on the role of part-time external CIO.

As interim CIO, we are mandated by the shareholders to reform several aspects and make these aspects futureproof. This is part of a strategy in which a company:


The intensity averages between 6-30 hours per week,
depending on the size of the company and desired transformation speed.

Two experts will get to work for you:

What can you expect?

As an external CIO, we see it as our mission and responsibility to realize and monitor the following transformations during that 24–36-month period:

Reorganization of the internal roles and responsibilities of people focusing on IT/digital. Attracting new profiles. Ensuring a more enthusiastic “business” that takes ownership of digital. Helping IT evolve into a coaching role for the business that helps with “business transformation” and is less concerned with “keeping the lights on”.

Setting up the LEGO (application) blocks. This often comes down to leaving a cumbersome monolithic architecture and moving towards a modern and flexible future-proof cloud ecosystem. Dividing the business process into “capabilities” and looking at how we can best support each capability by clever use of modern LEGO blocks. This is done with a lot of attention for customer experience & customer journey, for both external and internal customers (employees, ...). We make a distinction between blocks with which the company can make a difference (your “secret sauce”) and capabilities that are necessary, but not differentiating. By outsourcing the second category, we free up time to focus on those IT capabilities that help guarantee the future of the company.

Realigning external parties that provide software, infrastructure, and digital marketing support. Sharpening mutual responsibilities, replacing or adding partners where necessary. Ensuring that the partners know the company's strategy well and are eager to help build its success. Ensuring that the company is seen as a strategic customer by the management of the partner.

Evolution from an operational-oriented IT policy to a change-oriented methodology. From short-term thinking and extinguishing fires to a strategic digital roadmap that genuinely supports the business. A plan with tracks, project leaders, clear priorities, scope, timing. Ensuring that there are clear agreements and contracts with external partners. Setting up a governance structure that is well-informed: steercos, status updates, budget forecasts...

Ensuring that the necessary security and reliability are built into the IT systems, data, infrastructure, etc. This also includes risk minimization with regard to the continuity of the company. Cybersecurity, backup & recovery, redundancy, identity & authentication, performance & uptime, GDPR, ... Ensuring that clear SLAs have been concluded with reliable partners for the maintenance of critical systems and that the knowledge and access are not limited to one person.

Digitally self-reliant in 24-36 months

We defend the interests of your company

Your CIO is 100% independent and has no commercial ties with software vendors, integrators, or agencies.

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Stronger together is a network of experienced digital challengers. Our challengers regularly share their knowledge with each other, so you as a customer can take advantage of the best know-how. This means you will receive business continuity and knowledge of a team.


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