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Offering flexible offices and workplaces is totally hot. It is super important to focus on customer experience. This is no different at a business center / coworking. How can we make it as simple, easy and enjoyable as possible for the tenant and their visitors? And preferably with as little manual administrative work as possible for the staff of the business center!

I would like to share a few examples of what is common in a dynamic building:

Every time a new tenant starts, you want this fully automatic:

  • Activate access control
    • Long-term tenants like to have a physical badge
    • Coworkers prefer to have a digital key on their smartphone
  • Activate private network
    • The aim is for each tenant (private office & long-term rent) to have their own private virtual network (VLAN) that allows them to work together safely in their office.
    • You do not want that if there is an outbreak of a virus / malware that you can contaminate other tenants, or that you can print on the printers of the tenant next to me
  • Activate print management accounts
    • so that after sending a print job one can walk to a nearby printer and start the job with your badge or code.
    • to measure how much a tenant prints and to settle this automatically
  • Access to the WIFI (via Radius authentication)
  • Access to the booking system (= CRM part) allowing them
    • to reserve meeting rooms
    • adapt their products (eg internet speed), coworking subscription type, ...
    • consult their billing
    • ...

But it can also be useful to define thresholds for certain types of users, for example with 90 days outstanding invoices that automatically or manually:

  • Block access (via access control)
  • Block printer access
  • Block WIFI access
  • ...

It can also be interesting to link other things to the booking system:

  • Access to parking, and payment based on use
  • Cashless payment at drink machines and restaurant downstairs. Tenants find it very convenient that they can take all those things and that it automatically appears o
    • Please note: it is best to always provide that you can also pay with cash or BCC; because there are always temporary visitors or employees who are not allowed to eat / drink at the expense of the company. These are private individuals who must also be settled.
  • Screens / panels on the doors of meeting rooms so that you can immediately see if they are available and can book quickly.
  • Visitor registration at the lobby
  • Community: to allow coworkers / tenants to get to know each other and to network
  • Online payment systems: to allow individual coworkers to easily subscribe and pay via credit card
  • Print management system:
  • ...

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