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Representatives are, by definition, lazy. They want to sell as much as possible with as little effort as possible. So if you give them a tool, it has to really help them make a difference, with minimal administrative burden.

They don’t want to work in legacy ERP tools made for backoffice staff. They want modern, mobile apps that accelerate their workflow. #mobilesalesenablement

Many #CRM projects fail because they do not bring real value to the sales team. Many see the CRM as “my boss wants to control me”. It has to be a win-win.


Some examples:

  • PandaDocProposifyQwilrBetter Proposals to create engaging high-converting, easy-to-sign quotes. And be notified in real-time when client views it.
  • Showpad to bridge the gap between sales and marketing, easily distribute content and coach/onboard sales
  • BonjoroLoomBombBombVideoAsk to send short personal videos messages to your prospects
  •, handy web plugin to quickly find contact details in Linkedin
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