Professional services (PSA)

Budget control, planning and transparent collaboration

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Professional Services Think of lawyers, consultants, software developers, accountants ... Often these are agencies that sell their services on a project basis with one or more people. This is based on hourly rates or project prices.

The term Professional Service Automation (PSA) refers to software that supports these companies to carry out their projects in an efficient and controlled manner:

  • what percentage of my people's hours is billable?
  • how profitable are my projects?
  • how much work have I already performed that has not yet been invoiced? (WIP - work in proces)
  • are my people sufficiently planned in the following weeks / months? Or will I have to make additional hires?
  • which employees / skills are most profitable?
  • Is there a good balance between more experienced / more expensive employees and younger people on the projects?

There are different levels of project management. Each level needs a different approach and different software tools and also has a different target audience.

Level 1 - Company level: here you mainly want to know about the financial aspects of projects, risks, invoicing, capacity planning ...

Level 2 - Project level: are we going to meet the deadline? Are my people sufficiently planned? What about my budget? ...

Level 3 - Task level: what is on the agenda today / this week? How much time can you (still) do this? What are the specific instructions when performing the task? It is about entering your time sheets, with whom you collaborate on this assignment ...

The overview contains many tools that are used in the world of project management and professional service automation

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