Masterclass 2024


We work together with real customers, real cases, real team issues and Enterprise Architecture designs. Throughout the process, Olivier Mangelschots shares in a coaching manner the methodology that he has built up over the years and successfully applies at various companies.

Picture of Olivier Mangelschots

Olivier Mangelschots

Founder digitale transformatie


Vinoscoop Industrieweg 202,
9030 Mariakerke


From 31 March until 13 December 2024
18 days, 8 hours a day

Especially for:

independent consultants
digital business advisers


software architects
external CIOs who focus on SMEs, family businesses
non-profits between 25-1000 employees


All sessions are a mix of theory in combination with many practical examples, workshops & sharing experiences in the group.

Day 1: Setting the scene for the 18 days masterclass.

  1. Consensus on the foundations and essence of digital transformation, and reflection on its impact on our companies and us is our role as a digital coach.
  2. Stimulating minds around business model innovation.

Day 2: Step one of the ODUM methodology

“Discovery”, the acquaintance with the customer, identification of strategic challenges and expectations. Proposal for collaboration (=your quote). To conclude: notetaking techniques.

Day 3: The “Internal Scan” phase of the ODUM methodology
Delving into the customer's business, business processes, needs, risks and opportunities.

Day 4: The “External Scan” phase of the ODUM methodology
Learning how others are doing by talking to competitors, suppliers, experts. (Digital) Market analysis, identifying players & innovative technology. As an external coach you can provide enormous added value through your independent position.

Day 5: Inspiring your target audience through public speaking techniques (in a boardroom or event)..
This is part of the ODUM methodology “Inspire”. Guest speaker Show Verlinden helps you presentation skills upgradable with lots of practical exercises.

Day 6: Learning to be a digital coach a good interactive workshops to facilitate and techniques to meet efficiently.
Learn to use the power of design(thinking) in everything you do.

Day 7: Mapping business processes.
Enterprise Architecture concepts & trends explained with a pragmatic SME approach. Moving beyond postmodern ERP. MyChallenge: the first participant presents his challenge. He gets 2 hours, the public speaking & workshop techniques can be fully applied. The participant has had ample time to prepare. Enterprise Architecture, foundations and software selection. Mapping business processes, types of business apps, visually mapping application landscape, determining to-be architecture.

Day 8: We zoom in on Modern Workplace/IT infra, and the model to bring speed to the SME.
What does the SME do best in-house, what externally, what approach…

Day 9: Enterprise Architecture, foundations and software selection.
Types of business apps, visually mapping application landscape. We also go deeper into the “Select” phase of ODUM methodology, comparing, scoring, selecting and contracting of technology. From long list to short list to selection.

Day 10: Experience tour @ Log!Ville
Getting immersed in the logistics of tomorrow? What is changing and moving in our society and what opportunities this can offer you and the logistics sector. + market study Warehouse Management systems (WMS)

Day 11: The “Roadmap” phase of ODUM methodology
Processing all information from the previous phases, identifying possible projects, pain chain, visualizing as-is, definition of the people/teams.

Day 12: Roadmap part 2​:
TIME model, priority scoring model, tracks, prioritization process, preparation of business plan and presentation to management. Ecosystem in-depth: Construction.

Day 13: Visual timeline + select of implementation partners + overview of species and Belgian landscape.

Day 14: The “Select & Guide” phase of ODUM methodology:
As a digital coach you guide your client in the contracting of the software vendors and implementation partners: negotiate, read contracts, SLAs... You also help this to keep suppliers sharp during the project. Sometimes you have to resolve escalations or end collaborations.

Day 15: The “Guide & Empower” phase of ODUM methodology:
As a digital coach you ensure that all individual projects in the roadmap are started properly, with clear roles, governance, scope. You monitor this and zoom in when necessary.

Day 16: Steercos and Indicators.
Boost MyBusiness, all questions an independent coach asks to grow. Sharing best practices to optimize your self-employed activity.

Day 17: To conclude the “Inspire" phase you will learn video to use for your online marketing and live webinars/elearning.
With demo material to upgrade your homestudio (video, audio, lighting). With guest speaker and video expert Ken de Kort.

Day 18: how do you ensure that the changes are communicated in the right way within the company; which gives strength to the teams.
ADKAR, change management, Barrett model, personality tests. MyEvolution: Show that you have grown from this initiative. Come up with something personal that you have learned, experienced in the past 10 months, an insight, change, something you want/or have let go, that you do differently now… That can be one for yourself and for the others. | 360° feedback: Giving constructive feedback is a gift. We give each other feedback on how we have seen each other grow, our strengths and challenges and how we see possible collaboration with each other in the future. (The detailed daily schedule may still change slightly.)



Throughout the year, there are 4 domains where we work together, share knowledge and experience through hands-on workshops around real customer cases:


Hoe mijn zelfstandige activiteit verder uitbouwen en financieel sterker maken met toffe uitdagende projecten én nog tijd voor learning en family.

Hoe denkt de KMO?
Wat zijn typische situaties en noden?
Hoe daarop inspelen?
Hoe mezelf positioneren?

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Een 24-maand intense digitale transformatie van een KMO begeleiden: hoe doe ik dat op een kwalitatieve manier?

Wat zijn logische stappen, waar zitten de valkuilen, hoe ermee omgaan?

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Soft Skills

Creatieve workshops faciliteren.
De kracht van vragen stellen en echt luisteren/aandacht voor de mens (wanneer ben ik coach, wanneer consultant?)
Human change & adoption.
Inspirerend een verhaal brengen, public speaking.
Program en projectmanagement.
Strategie en businessmodellen.
IT-team design, rollen, wat intern, wat extern,..
Technology en implementatiepartner selectie en scoring.

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Tech Stacks

Als digitale coach ben je ook de enterprise architect van de KMO. Je wil de business processen écht begrijpen en slimme oplossingen voorstellen in de vorm van legoblokjes die in elkaar passen. We zoomen in op veel voorkomende processen, uitdagingen, tools en partners.

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The common thread throughout the masterclass is the transformation methodology.



The total cost of this training consists of
18 days of training.

€6.230 excl. VAT*

 * €8.900 - 30% subsidy through KMO portefeuille 



Light dinner on Thursday evening and lunch on Friday afternoon + coffee & healthy snacks.

18 x €70 excl. VAT**

 ** Charged separately 


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