Market Research: Expense Management (declaratie)

Platformen om onkosten nota’s, bonnetjes alsook kilometervergoedingen, tankkaarten, reiskosten te digitaliseren:

  • Scanning & herken (foto met app)
  • Koppeling met corporate creditcards
  • Goedkeuring en toewijzen op projecten/costcenter
  • Terugbetaling
  • BTW recuperatie
  • Integratie met boekhoudpakket/ERP

What can you expect?

Download PDF of the market study

  • Visual segmentation/positioning of solutions
  • Key differentiators
  • Matrix / table with comparison
  • Trends
  • Clarifying concepts & terminology
  • Interesting contacts

2 workshops of about 2 hours with a challenger at your office (Belgium) or virtually

  • Listen to your situation (business & IT)
  • Present the market study: gaining inspiration & insights
  • Sounding board with the goal of giving you insights to go to a short-list in a more focused way, putting you in touch with partners, asking the right questions of suppliers.

Vendors compared in this market study:

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Following ODUM Challengers participated in this market study:

Olivier van
Olivier Mangelschots
Jo Stofferis
Digital Challenger

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