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Mangelschots Olivier

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Digital Challengers
Sounding board for entrepreneurs
Digital Roadmap

You want more than just an inspiring vision about the future. You are looking for someone who can help you to realize this for your company; a plan that can be implemented.


Make your IT architecture a coherent & nimble puzzle where all the pieces fit together properly.


Are you looking for a speaker to inspire your customers and team at an event or workshop?


You want to start with an advisory board and you are looking for a confidant for your think tank, a critical sounding board that is able to challenge you.

ODUM stands for (digital) ecosystems. Today, in a time of digital transformation and disruption, a company is only as strong as its network.

The potential of your company can be measured on the basis of the depth and strength of your (digital) ecosystem and the multipliers it provides. Visually mapping and grading your ecosystem is the first step in your digital strategy.

About myself

I coach and advise owner-entrepreneurs and IT decision makers in order to give their digital strategy & IT architecture strength & agility.

I do this for the East & West Flanders, Brussels, and Antwerp regions, and I work mainly with growing SMEs & family businesses, non-profit organizations and tech startups of around 15-500 employees.

Digital Masterclass 2019-2020

This training is aimed at independent consultants

IT coaches, digital business advisors, software architects and external CIOs that focus on SMEs, family businesses and non-profits between 25-500 employees.

18 days| 10 professionals | 4 challenges


About you & your company

Are you looking for a path through the digital jungle?

The stories of Peter Hinssen, Jo Caudron, Peter Van Belleghem... inspire you and serve as a wake-up call: you also want to do something to make your company a strong contender in the digital world! You want more than just an inspiring vision about the future. You are looking for someone who can help you realize this something for your company; a plan that can be implemented.

  • How can you strengthen your business strategy by focusing on digitization?

  • What are the opportunities and priorities for the growth of your company?

  • How can you make your IT architecture nimble?

  • How do you start?

You want to start with an advisory board and you are looking for a confidant for your think tank, a critical sounding board that is able to challenge you.

You are faced with an important change: ERP, CRM, DMS, web shop, customer portal, mobile app, BI, digital invoicing, server park renewal, telephone exchange, cloud... and you are looking for an independent and objective adviser, who can guide you to making the right choices, tailored to your organization and budget.

You want to restructure your (IT) team to make your company more nimble and to provide better support in this rapidly evolving market. You are looking for a coach that can help you and your people with this.

You are lost in the digital jungle: so many buzzwords and possibilities. Who can explain things to you in language that you can understand and coach you to send your company to 2020 and beyond?


The cooperation with your IT supplier(s) is not going smoothly. You received an advice/quote that you would like to have screened by an independent expert; someone with sufficient knowledge and authority to challenge and focus your supplier(s).


You have several technology/IT projects running simultaneously. You are losing sight of things; projects are exceeding their budget and are not achieving their desired results. You are looking for someone who is able to see things in a broad context and who can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together in a coherent architecture and road map.

You are playing with the idea of starting an innovative concept, digital product or service. For this you want to discuss things with someone who is able think along with you and can possibly help with the start up.


Of our collaboration

  • I have a direct line and report directly to the owner-entrepreneur. You are involved and will take part in workshops when this is required. This is crucial! This is not about some Excel training; this is about important changes to your company.

  • You want to go for a transformation that yields value and are prepared to take the necessary time for this. You do not believe in a ‘hit and run’ approach with quick advice that does not take the time to really understand your company and its needs. You deliberately chose for value creation.

  • You do not expect implementation from me. In other words, I do not implement IT solutions. I will coach your employees to do this themselves, and will guide you in your choice of external IT partners.

  • I need to maintain my independence at all times. Only in this way can I, as an advisor, help you choose the right technology and the right contractor for the implementation thereof. I will firmly refuse any commissions & lead generation fees.

  • I will always act as a personal adviser: I provide advice that is tailored to your company, pragmatic, and to-the-point. That is to say, there will be no time wasted on endless talks and workshops, no blindly following fixed methodologies, no questionnaires, and no standard reports.

  • You believe that technology is more than just a supporting tool.

  • This collaboration is not a full-time assignment. I enjoy working a few days per month for each of my clients. This is a deliberate choice that allows me to continue being able to think broadly, to combine different companies and perspectives, and to have the time to keep up-to-date.