Market Research: Order Management Systems (OMS)

Selling on multiple channels can cause stress in your back office. Keeping the photos and descriptions up to date on your website, and Amazon, applying the right prices, keeping stocks under control are big manual tasks. Moving orders from one platform to another can be a nightmare. An Order Management System synchronizes these platforms and 1 back office.

  • Terminology (multichannel, omnichannel, fulfillment by Amazon…)
  • Challenges and Trends (shift from B2B to B2B and B2C/D2C; evolution from wholesale to brand experience)
  • Key functionaliteiten
  • OMS Types

What can you expect?

Download PDF of the market study

  • Visual segmentation/positioning of solutions
  • Key differentiators
  • Matrix / table with comparison
  • Trends
  • Clarifying concepts & terminology
  • Interesting contacts

2 workshops of about 2 hours with a challenger at your office (Belgium) or virtually

  • Listen to your situation (business & IT)
  • Present the market study: gaining inspiration & insights
  • Sounding board with the goal of giving you insights to go to a short-list in a more focused way, putting you in touch with partners, asking the right questions of suppliers.

Vendors compared in this market study:

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Following ODUM Challengers participated in this market study:

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