Market Research: Homebuyer customer portals

This is a market study for customer portals for Real Estate project development. Here we build houses and apartments. For customers, this purchase is the largest in their lives and the customer journey is very important. Unfortunately, we have to conclude that the customer experience when buying a smartphone for 500 euros is in many cases better than when buying a house for 500,000 euros.

Project developers want to make the customer journey as pleasant as possible. Customers expect a high experience when purchasing a new-build home/apartment. This is their biggest purchase of their lives. Customer portals help with communication, exchange of documents, approvals, customer choices (floor, kitchen, ...), overview of the installments to be paid, updates about the construction ... Customers who are involved during the process see this as a great added value.

What can you expect?

Download PDF of the market study

  • Visual segmentation/positioning of solutions
  • Key differentiators
  • Matrix / table with comparison
  • Trends
  • Clarifying concepts & terminology
  • Interesting contacts

2 workshops of about 2 hours with a challenger at your office (Belgium) or virtually

  • Listen to your situation (business & IT)
  • Present the market study: gaining inspiration & insights
  • Sounding board with the goal of giving you insights to go to a short-list in a more focused way, putting you in touch with partners, asking the right questions of suppliers.

Vendors compared in this market study:

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