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Online courses, virtual classes & Memberships
Digital Ecosystem

Are you a passionate coach, speaker, author, consultant or expert in your field? Share your expertise, practical examples and methodology via fun and snackable online courses!


Offer your content via a monthly subscription and create a community. Nothing gives more satisfaction than helping others grow (and still earn something from it).


What many underestimate, however, is not only the work to create good content, but especially the marketing: ensuring that your content is found and bought.


To get you started, I created a visual ecosystem with popular digitale tools.

Do you want to make a difference with digital, but are a bit lost in this jungle of choices? 
I'm happy to help!

Do you know interesting apps to add to this ecosystem?
Feel free to
contact me.

Mangelschots Olivier

Kollebloemstraat 65
9030 Mariakerke (Gent)


 +32 475 690.640

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