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Jo Stofferis

Jo Stofferis

Digital Challenger

My story

  • I’m 58 years old and living with my wife Martine, my real passion, in the centre of Bruges.
  • I’m interested in all kinds of environments, systems, techniques and applications involving collaboration with multiple disciplines and cultures.
  • Fluent in Dutch, French and English, and making good shift to German.
  • Over the last years I drove and guided a team of Enterprise Architects at BNPP Fortis.
  • My strengths encompass
    • the reconciliation of multiple points of view,
    • fast production of supports (memo, papers, slideware…),
    • persistence
    • and respect towards all stakeholders that I work and live with.
  • I adore supporting and creation of change and transition in environments showing dynamism and enthusiasm.
  • Therefore I take always into account the role that everyone needs to play in this kind of projects, and approach everyone with a good dose of empathy.
  • Motivation means to have pursue interesting objectives, learn new things every day, have lots of fun, and earn something at the end of the day.
  • I like to dig into complicated matters, and explain them clearly by means of drawings and schemes.
  • So it in the end it always comes to boil down to reduce a company’s technical debt, by anticipating it, propose solutions to connect past, present and future’s IT seamlessly.
  • • … By remaining vigilant at any point in time, and above all, backed by my substantial network.
“Change and Transition is always about Trust and Thrust”. JWS.

Olivier: Jo is someone with a large dose of positive energy. He is attentive, focuses on the strengths of the people and gives real compliments. He is very communicative and likes to bring (visual) structure to complex matter. His mind is sharp and he learns quickly. He comes up with many ideas, thoughtful comments and does not hesitate to take the lead and speak up. Give Jo a whiteboard and he's off! When Jo puts his teeth in something, he goes all out for it, he's very committed.

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