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Real-Estate Digital Ecosystem
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Popular CRM tools for Belgian Real-Estate agents:


  • Max-Immo

  • Omnicasa

  • Skarabee

  • Whise

  • and the new-kid-on-the-block: SweepBright

360° virtual tours hardware & software:

  • Matterport

  • VPiX 360

  • Floorfy

  • EyeSpy360

  • Transported

The Belgian scale-up Co-libry is a toolbox and advanced searchbot for buyers and sellers.

Chapps is also a Belgian start-up focusing on mobile inspection apps for the property management industry.

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Real Estate Agents in 2020 – will you still be here?

Real estate agents will be split into one of three categories before the year 2020:

  1. Category One Agent. Highly trained, technology equipped with sophisticated data marketing. Global markets will be mainstream for these agents, while Asia will become a massive influence. This agent group will have unprecedented capabilities and the cost of selling with these agents will fall, while their profits will soar through efficiency gains.

  2. Category Two Agent. These will be traditional agents suffering fast-diminishing resources, using high-cost, low efficiently and increasingly ineffective communication channels. They will be subject to heavy discounting, non-personal skills and lack of ability to deliver results

  3. Category Three Agent.The new agent known as the true disrupters. Public, big-scale business like Real Estate Academy Group, Domain, CoreLogic RP Data, Google, Facebook – but probably a name that doesn’t exist today. There are likely to be big movers in real estate from non-traditional players. A big chunk of the existing real estate pie will go this category.

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Are real estate agents becoming obsolete?

"Agents who don't understand how the game has changed, and don't have the skills to offer you great service, are obsolete. They're for buyer / sellers who are ignorant or lazy." 


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The Future Of Real Estate, With Or Without An Agent

Things in real estate are changing, to be sure. Here are a few insights on how technology and consumer habits are changing and what the future of real estate will look like as a result:

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"Ook de Belgische vastgoedsector zal binnenkort zijn ’Uber-moment’ beleven"

Volgens een nieuwe vertrouwensbarometer in de vastgoedsector heeft de sector dan ook nog een ganse weg af te leggen. Slechts 28% van de Belgen zou vastgoedprofessionals vertrouwen, lezen we deze week in de kranten. Ook hier zal technologie de vastgeroeste structuren openbreken & transparantie versterken. Die trend zie je duidelijk in het buitenland, met als inzet een hertekening van de verdienketen rond vastgoed.

De traditionele verkoopcommissie voor de makelaar komt onder druk door diegenen die claimen een grotere toegevoegde waarde te bieden in het verkoopproces.

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