Tim Musschoot

Tim Musschoot

Digital Challenger

My story

  • I am 41 years old and I live in Aalter
  • Ik heb 15+ jaar project ervaring met ERP systemen en hun integraties, over verschillende leveranciers en technologiën heen.
  • As an independent trusted advisor I help clients with business-critical challenges, both operational and IT.
  • I like to help companies get the best out of their organization by combining my extensive knowledge of business models and business processes with my broad knowledge of the IT domain (from business applications to architecture and delivery).
  • The right mix and the right accents make it possible to turn the IT piece into a value accelerator, instead of an expensive cost item.
  • If you can turn work into a hobby, time flies. Fortunately, there is just enough time left for my family with two small children to grow chillies ...

“Tim has the unique gift of quickly gaining insight into complex business models, IT architecture and data structures. His brain is extremely sharp. He can clearly sketch and visualize situations. He has a strong vision of his own and is not afraid to formulate his opinion. He likes to get things moving, likes to stand in front of groups and is an enthusiastic speaker. Tim thinks on a meta level and likes to develop his own models and methodology. I enjoy having lively and interesting discussions with Tim, he always brings me new insights. ” ~ Olivier Mangelschots

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