Michiel De Gheest

Michiel De Gheest

Digital Challenger

My story

  • I live near Ghent, in Drongen (Baarle), with my wife and two small children (Léon & Colette). My wife, Fien, is financial manager for a hospital in Ghent.
  • For more than ten years, I gained experience at national and international SaaS Scale-ups at TapCrowd, Etouches, Aventri, and Silverfin as a project manager, and Partner & Integration manager. After my technology experiences, I have taken a new path, I worked at the local chamber of commerce, “Voka” for two years as a digital expert and learned to facilitate, guide, and support Flemish SMEs and companies.
  • I have been a freelancer for six years, and I guide startups, scale-ups, family businesses, and SMEs with their digital challenges. As digital doer I am setting up new procedures and tools, but I also help to facilitate an integration, replacement, or expansion. As a real sparring partner for the entrepreneur or management team, I look for digital solutions with a focus on growth or the future.
  • Innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship are my passions. As a people person, my strengths are easy chat, general knowledge, and no-nonsense. I always keep to agreements and communicate quickly about possible problems or changes.
“Not overrated, not awesome, not epic. But, nice and appreciated.”

Olivier: Michiel is very passionate. He is intelligent and analytical, has his own vision and likes to take the lead. He is a pleasant person: social, born communicator and can build a bond with the people around him like no other.

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