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Digital Roadmap

About you & your company

The stories of Peter Hinssen, Jo Caudron, Steven Van Belleghem... inspire you and serve as a wake-up call: you also want to do something to make your company a strong contender in the digital world! You want more than just an inspiring vision about the future. You are looking for someone who can help you realize this something for your company; a plan that can be implemented.

  • How can you strengthen your business strategy by focusing on digitization?

  • What are the opportunities and priorities for the growth of your company?

  • How can you make your IT architecture nimble?

  • How do you start?

You are playing with the idea of starting a new innovative concept, digital product, or service. For this you want to discuss things with someone who is able think along with you and can possibly help with the start up.


You want to prepare your family business for the next generation.

Not another consultant! What is really going to change?
How much will it cost me?​

An SME hates expensive consultants who come to your business in their tailor-made suits to tell you groundless stories/theories by using slick slides. An SME wants to meet real people who are able to offer concrete solutions which the company can use to get started in the very near future.

I am not a 'consultant', but a challenger and a coach. I will meet you in the trenches. I am able to challenge managers of growing SMEs and family businesses, as well as their IT partners to change, to become more nimble, and to innovate. From my external perspective, I do not shy away from things and I dare to question everything.

Every week I talk to various companies, suppliers, trade unions ... This allows me to have insights like no other. Insights I like to share. I like to brainstorm how new technologies such as block chain, IoT, Big Data, cloud, ecosystems, AI, augmented reality, chat bots, virtual assistants, robotics... can take our companies to the next level.

I will help you to create to practical and concrete actions that are able to make your business grow, to become more professional. My goal is to give you the direction and knowledge you need in order to get started yourself.​

24-month roadmap
Accelerate administration, focus on client experience

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