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Digital Signage Ecosystem
Focussed on Belgian SME market

Digital Signage helps you to boost your customer experience in retail/public meeting spaces. It's also a good way to help employees make better use of a Modern Office it's a great way to inform factory workers about safety and corporate messages.

The market of Digital Signage tools is over saturated.

Many local installation companies offer a self-developed tools.

I prefer widely used cloud solutions with a strong ecosystem of apps and content that can be used on pretty much any media player. In this category:

  • Signagelive

  • Enplug


  • AppSpace

  • Gauddi

  • Zebrix

If you are an Enterprise looking for a large installation, check out the market leaders Scala, Appspace and Spinetix.

Proprietary to any digital signage project is that screens are ‘always-on’. This results in major struggle to keep the screens relevant and attractive. This is where automated content platforms come in. In this category:

  • Seenspire

  • Geckoboard

  • ...

Do you want to make a difference with digital, but are a bit lost in this jungle of choices? 
I'm happy to help!

Do you know interesting apps to add to this ecosystem?
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contact me.