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Customer experience should be one of your primary goals when working on your digital innovation. This is no different when you run a business center / coworking place.


How can you make it as simple, convenient and pleasant as possible for your tenants and their visitors? Preferably with as little manual administrative work as possible for your staff!


I would like to share a few examples of what's common in a dynamic space:


Every time new tenant start, you want to automate:

  • Activate access control

    • Long-term tenants like a badge, short-term coworkers prefer a digital key on their smartphone

  • Activate private network

    • The aim is for every tenant (private office and long-term rental) to have their own private virtual network (VLAN) that allows them to work together safely.

    • You do not want that a virus/malware outbreak can contaminate other tenants or that one tenant can access the printer of NAS of the tenants

  • Activate print management accounts

    • Allowing your tentants to flexibly send print jobs to a nearby shared printer

    • Walk to the printer, identify themselves with a badge or a code (=follow-me) and execute the print job

    • Measure how much individual tenant have printed and automatically invoice them at the end of the month

  • Access to WIFI

    • Allow tenants to access your workspace WIFI, authenticate (using Radius) and automatically be connected to their private network (VLAN)

  • Access to a webportal/mobile app that allows tenants to

    • Book meeting rooms

    • Adjust their subscription type, additional services and products

    • Consult their billing


If tenants do not pay their invoices in time, you may want to set thresholds, for example: if invoices remain unpaid for over 90 days, automatically:

  • Send a message

  • Blocking access (via access control)

  • Block printer

  • Block access to WIFI


It may also be good to link other building-equipment to the central booking system:

  • Access to parking and payment based on usage

  • Vending machines and restaurant: tenants find it very useful that they can take all these things and that it is automatically stated on the invoice.
    Attention: it is best to always provide that you can also pay with cash from BCC; because there are always temporary visitors of employees who are not allowed to eat / drink at the expense of the company. These are individuals who also have to be paid.

  • Screens / panels on the doors of meeting rooms through which you can see these are free and can book quickly.

  • Visitor registration at the lobby

  • Community: to allow colleagues / tenants to get to know each other and to network

  • Online payment systems: to allow individual coworkers to easily subscribe and pay via credit card

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