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About myself

LEGO. Do you remember the time when you were sitting on your knees on the floor (the table was always too small) sifting through your LEGO box for hours, trying to look for the right pieces? As a child, I was completely absorbed by it and it is a passion that has never gone away: designing and building large things with small blocks.

As an adolescent, I discovered that LEGO exists in other forms, outside of my playroom. More specifically, it exists in the world of IT infrastructure: it was about building with networks and server cubes, mini-data centers, virtualization & storage, connectivity, security, monitoring...

In my twenties, I discovered business apps. And once again, it was a new LEGO box for adults. As the business manager of the company "Orbit One" (Microsoft Gold Partner), I created, together with a team of 20 people, web portals in ASP.NET, SQL databases, document management, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, ERP... All this with the goal of enabling our customers to work together more efficiently: both internally and with their customers and partners.

As a 30-year-old, I started advising companies in Enterprise Architecture. I gave advice about which Cloud blocks they should pick, and how to connect those blocks in a clever way to optimally support the business processes of the customer. The baseline of Orbit One was "We Create Coherence", that is to say to ensure that all the blocks form one whole and communicate with each other smoothly.

My company Orbit One became part of Deloitte Belgium at the beginning of 2016. It is currently still thinking of solutions, continuing to build, renovating, and helping to convert.

In the meantime, I am in my late thirties, and I have already discovered a new block box: Digital Business Ecosystems. With the same passion and enthusiasm as when I started working with LEGO on my knees in my playroom thirty years ago, I inspire and guide companies in the transformation of their business model, so they have a strong competitive advantage in this fast-paced digital world.

I enjoy sharing my vision, method, and knowledge, which is why I am regularly asked to speak at events and workshops.

The building blocks that best describe myself are:


I love to inspire people with my passion and creativity. People often describe me as an early adopter with a nose for what is hot, where technology goes: "Olivier breathes what he says and he uses everything first".


I ask questions and help both people and organizations to push their limits and to start new businesses.


I stand for transparent, open communication, and a no-nonsense approach.


Quickly assessing situations, detecting needs, and understanding complex structures and processes are things that are effortless for me.

I strive towards efficiently coming to concrete solutions (with all the pieces of the puzzle and the roadmap).


I can say that I have a broad understanding, and have IT knowledge of (Microsoft) cloud, web, digital workplace, software architecture, digital transformation and I feel that I owe it to myself not to limit myself to my own field.


I have a strong vision, and I am good at packaging concepts & strategy and bringing those to the market.


I become very happy when developing methodologies & tools that allow teams to efficiently deliver quality. It is like the joy I experienced when my friends got to play with the LEGO creations I had built.

Professional coach

I remain interested in the world of today and keep challenging myself to continue to deliver quality. For example, I am currently following a professional coach training, given by Alan Seale and Magaly De Smet, specifically focused on change processes: conscious leadership in complex, uncertain times. The power of transformational presence. 

"A problem is not something to besolve, it is a messag to be listened to". Alan Seale
  • I am 40 years old, live in Mariakerke (Ghent), and I'm father of two youngh daughters

  • I have a great passion for technology and the impact of the digital world on our companies and daily life

  • 20+ years entrepreneur

  • 10+ years active in the VOKA / PLATO network for entrepreneurs, where I regularly give workshops and trainings

  • 3+ years Tesla Model S early adopter

My way

  • I was the manager of the SME "Orbit One" for 20 years, with a team of 20 people in Ghent and branch offices in Poland. We focused on giving advice and the implementation of Microsoft solutions (Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, .NET development, hosting...)

  • In 2016, I sold my company to Deloitte, where I supervised SMEs for 2.5 years as the Director of Digital Transformation, as well as helped create the internal digital transformation of Deloitte Accountancy.

  • Since March 2018, I have been guiding clients directly, as a self-employed independent digital challenger.